Well Hello Again!

So clearly I am not going to win any awards for my blogging skills….especially since its been months from my last post.  But I will attempt to be better at this, no promises but I am going to try! 

I still can not believe that we are almost entering into October…time is moving way to fast. The Thomas Clan is doing well we are deeply engrossed in just living life here. Ministry, School, friends, house work…..and all the little details that just make up daily life. This is a good thing as I thought about what to post, realizing our life isn’t all that exciting I realized that God had answered one of my prayers. We finally feel the mundane normalcy of life! Moving to a new culture is exhausting….everyday you get hit with the reality that your a foreigner, you have no clue about how things work and its flat out stressful.  As I thought back on the last few months I realized that my constant anxiety had vanished…..I feel calm, normal, daily life is now just that…..I don’t encounter culture shock daily anymore. Phew** that only took 11 months 🙂 It was one VERY-long-VERY-steep learning curve but we made it to the other side! Praise God! 

So whats on the horizon for us? Scott is busy welcoming and helping his new teammates adjust to life here in SA. We have a couple visiting soon, to possibly join Sportslink long term, and a single coming from Hungry who will join us in Jan. All three of them will be here in Oct for vision trips, to see about the ministry and plan for their move. We are very excited to have them and look forward to getting to know our new teammates. Its also that time of year when ministry plans are due… so our team here is all engrossed in planning out next years ministry, lots of admin time 🙂 As for me I am busy with homeschool, work and toddler boy! The kids are all doing well….its nice to have normalcy in this area as well!

Oct 8th we will be our 1 year anniversary here and are looking forward to celebrating how much God has provided for us in this last year. Here is what the next couple of months looks like for us:

Oct: Hosting vision trips for future team members, ministry planning….and hopefully selling our cars! (explanation to come)

Nov: Negotiation on our rental house will begin, we are praying for favor as SA law allows the landowner to raise the rent 10% which would put us in financial strain. Wrapping up this years ministry and having a fundraiser for Sportlink.

Dec: Getting on a plane and flying to AZ! Yes you read right we are coming home for a visit in Dec! Since everything in SA shuts down for the entire month we have the time to come home. We will be in AZ from Dec 2-Jan 8th. We couldn’t be more excited to come home and recconect with everyone!  

Just a few snapshots of the kiddos…..


Reagan finished up 1st grade and started 2nd! (we all survived the transition to homeschool..woo hoo!)



Our big kids have started joining Dad out in ministry one afternoon a week…..They love it! (Garrett is in the red shirt)



And our little crazy love is busy 24/7! He loves to be outside…and basically anything he can climb on! 

-Until next time-

Thomas Clan


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One Response to Well Hello Again!

  1. Mae says:

    Thanks for sharing – lifting all of you! Hope to see you when you’re home, but know you will be very busy. Blessings

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