Ministry: GO Challenge, and other bits

We are about 2 months out from OM South Africa’s biggest ministry event this year. The GO Challenge is a 4 day conference followed by a 7 day outreach; taking place in the Western Cape. Since I work on the Short Term team this outreach has been my main ministry focus since arriving here. Its been a huge learning curve as me along with my team-mates have never planned an event to this degree before, but its been a fun challenge…no pun intended! We are expecting around 300 people from all over SA, Africa and Internationals: this will make up about 25 ministry teams that will be sent out all along the Eastern and Western Cape to do ministry. 

What type of ministry?

  • Working in rural mountain farm towns
  • Working in Townships
  • Building up the local church
  • Running Sports Ministry 
  • HIV/AIDS ministries

While the GO Challenge has been my main focus I have also been able to continue working out at our AIDS Hope center, doing a bit of counseling and helping to set up their new trauma therapy program. I love working out there! Its such an awesome community and getting to be there even for a short amount of time during the week is a huge blessing for me. 

Speaking of amazing experiences this week I was able to meet up with our MDT (missions discipleship training) team while they were on their inner city outreach. I spent the night hanging out with The Ladies of the Night, listening to their stories and encouraging them if they were interested in getting out of that life. It was amazing and heartbreaking all at the same time, we spent some time with the girls that are trafficked. They had to stand behind a fence and wait for johns to come in and hire them. And while they were a bit tense and worried about getting in trouble from their pimps they did stand there and talk to us for a bit before their anxiety got the best of them and they moved further down the fence line. The ladies that work the corners were so awesome! They were sweet and smart and very open to us spending some time with them while they waited for work. I am so grateful that I was able to participate and hope there are more oppurtunities to get to spend some more time with these women. 

Prayer points:

  • Final planning and details of the GO Challenge to fall into place
  • More workers for the AIDS Hope centre as there are SO many requests for counseling and not enough hands to help.
  • For more inner city ministry opportunities and when/how I can be apart of it. 


ps – I know the pics of our ministry have been few and far between, the reason for that is that we are not allowed to photograph children and honestly there hasn’t been appropriate times to whip out my camera to take photos. Apologies for the lack of visuals! 


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