Ministry Series: Diepsloot

I am going to be doing a short series on our ministry so that all of you at home can experience the amazing things God is doing right along with us!

Scott works in 2 townships just outside Pretoria he and his team are working very hard right now to make relationships with community leaders. Their ultimate goal is to begin sports programs that the community and local church can then take over. We want to have sustainable programs and working closely with the community is something that Scott feels very passionate about.

Diepsloot is a township of about 150,000 people:

Many of them live in shacks 3 m by 2 m assembled from scrap metal, wood, plastic and cardboard. Some families lack access to basic services such as running water, sewage and rubbish removal.

Scott and his team are working with a local church, their main focus here is building up and supporting an existing sports program. Last week there were over 100 kids who came out to learn about Christ and soccer….they were told to expect 300 next week once words spreads! This is amazing, however planting roots here and keeping this program alive is the real challenge: Scott and his team will be mentoring local coaches so that they are excited and encouraged to handle this very large task with little to no resources.  Last week scott was able to share the story of Jesus walking on water to 100 kids, they all were very excited and engaged. This just further cements our purpose here; people are starving to know Jesus….and we get to love on these kids and these communities, its such an amazing thing to be apart of and we are honored to get to be here.

Please pray for the coaches out in Diepsloot that they may be protected against the enemy as he will attack them for doing this work. Protect them physically and emotionally as its always a risk to be in the townships. Lastly, that the local church will see this work and rally to support it.

Picture: Scott and this boy are good buddies now…..Apparently he is helping Scott stretch before their session begins.




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