The Purple Month



October is the month of the purple Jacaranda trees here in Pretoria. Its beautiful…the streets are all lined with these unique trees! We honestly have not had much time to explore our new home we have been busy with meetings, getting a house and a car and getting the kids settled into school. But this sunday we went for a picnic with one of Scott’s team mates and his family to down town it was a nice and much-needed break.  We have limited internet for now but once we are in our house come Dec. we will be in better communication with everyone. For now we are doing good, we have had bumps and difficult days but are feeling very grateful to be doing this job God has called us to. We are excited to get to work, and get to our life here. We wish you guys a happy October!


In Him!

Thomas Clan




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2 Responses to The Purple Month

  1. Maem says:

    Wow, looks like back east are you sure you are in Africa 🙂 I was just in the North two weeks ago and my Africa didn’t look like that at all 🙂 Love you guys and so excited for your journey!
    Al & Mae

  2. Maem says:

    P.S. CS can take 6 months to two years, it’s normal, you’re normal, and you will get through. We are lifting you daily. Rely on Him and don’t forget to reach out… if you ever need to talk, we are here with no judgement we love you!
    Al & Mae

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