Getting Closer


Greetings! We hope your summer has been fun! We are getting back to reality after a wonderful break from it in San Diego! Our family is doing great! While we are technically nomads we are embracing our new-found life style. Our kids are learning to -roll with it- and even baby Ev is becoming a whole lot more flexible as we are basically living in 2 bedrooms these days instead of an entire house 🙂 I am beyond grateful that this part of the transition is going easier than I anticipated.


As far as where we are at in terms of leaving the answer is still “we don’t know” however we are 60% supported and are praying God has plans to move our family in late Aug or Sept. We are so grateful and just amazed at all the people who have chosen to join our ministry in South Africa, we truly could not do any of this with out faithful people who are just as excited about this ministry as we are. THANK YOU. THANK YOU!!!!! As we head back to AZ and back to packing and getting things wrapped up, we are reminded that God is so big and we are leaning on Him to get us through this next phase of transition. Because this next phase will be goodbye, getting on a plane and moving. And as I sit and think about it my heart is torn….I am so ready to go. But I am so not ready to say goodbye. So if you think of our family please pray for the goodbyes, because each person we have to say goodbye to will leave a little hole in all of our hearts. And for that I am not prepared. Thank goodness God is prepared, thank goodness He can move us forward because if it were up to me I am not sure I could navigate through this next phase. Stay turned to this space, I am going to start posting more updates here!!!




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One Response to Getting Closer

  1. Colette says:

    I met your beautiful children on Sunday at Gateway Bible Church and just want you to know I will be praying for all of you as you set out for your new adventure! It was so nice to meet Reagan and Garrett. They are just some of the sweetest children I have met and it is nice to know who I will be praying for!! We have your magnet on our refrigerator!! God Bless you!

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