Things begin to end….

We are moving from our home in 10 days….it seems so fast all of a sudden even though we have been preparing for this for almost a year now. Every nook and space of my house holds memories of our babies. First steps, first words, first everything! We became a family in this house. My head knows its just a house but my heart is sad. We are living in this state of in between, in between homes, in between our old normal and our new normal. We knew this was coming and this was how it was going to be, but as we begin to start our goodbyes the reality of all of it is sad. But on the flip side we are looking forward to lots (and I do mean lots) of quality family time! We are spending July with Scotts family and then Aug-until we leave with mine 🙂 I hope you all are ready for 3 cute kiddos being around 24/7 😉 We are so grateful for our families being so willing to take us in and we are really excited about this aspect of our “in-between” time. So while we box up our house and begin this goodbye process we cling to God’s promise I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. – Philippians 4:13 And while our family may not be prepared for what is to come, we know God is. He is prepared, He is fully capable. So today while I feel overwhelmed I am going to focus on His truth, because we can say goodbye even if it hurts because we know He has plans for us and saying goodbye to our house is part of that. So we will be here in our house for the next 10 days, boxing it up enjoying the space, remembering precious family moments that happened under this roof. And then we will be moving on to a new home in South Africa, to make new memories, to enjoy that space and to be a family under that new roof 🙂


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One Response to Things begin to end….

  1. thekrullfive says:

    Such a strange place to be in! Thinking of you this week!

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